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Rev. Dr. Craig M. Howard
Presbytery Leader

I was a track athlete in high school and college. I remember my first attempt to go down state. I was on a relay team, and we didn’t do well. I was feeling discouraged and my coach reminded me that I’d already qualified for state in the 440 yard dash (now it’s the 400 meter dash! I’m dating myself). I was elated! I was headed down state for the first time!

At our last Presbytery Gathering we were introduced to Vital Congregations. This program was created by Katherine Threadgill, our speaker and worship leader for the gathering. Creating vital congregations is one of the three pillars of the Matthew 25 initiative which the presbytery is implementing for 2020. The three pillars are systematic poverty, structural racism, and congregational vitality. And chances are, many of our churches already qualify!

When PC(USA) announced this initiative, it felt as though they’d been listening in on what we are already doing in Giddings-Lovejoy! We have several congregations committed to the elimination of hunger (systemic poverty). Our Dismantling Racism and Privilege team is challenging congregations and individuals to identify white privilege and combat racism in our churches and communities (structural racism). We have congregations signed up for Ministry Architect, Partners for Sacred Places, and several participated in the Healthy Pastors, Healthy Congregations initiative (congregational vitality). When it comes to poverty, racism, and congregational vitality, our presbytery is all over these!

The goal for 2020 is to improve upon what we are already doing. Let’s move beyond feeding people, for example, and build relationships and friendships with the people who come to eat at our churches. Let them know they are as welcome to Sunday service as they are to Wednesday night supper. Racism is present throughout the cities and towns our presbytery serves. How do we stretch beyond conversations in our buildings around race to influencing public policy and positions our communities hold? Perhaps being a vital congregation will mean doing mission and evangelism; reaching out and inviting in.

As your session plans for ministry in 2020, think seriously about being a Matthew 25 congregation. Chances are, you already qualify!

Rev. Craig M. Howard

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