Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy
Rev. Dr. Craig Howard, Transitional Leader

A Kind Word
When it comes to hearing a kind word, our congregations are just like people. They can always use a compliment too! Our congregations can use a word of hope and inspiration to lift their spirits and encourage them to go forward. Steven Burt and Hazel Ann Roper writes about raising church esteem in their book, The Little Church That Could. Don’t be put off by the title. This is a well written and researched book. Their context is the small church (100 members or less) but the idea applies to all congregations.
Like people, congregations face blows to their egos and sometimes doubt their ability to achieve goals and visions. Congregations and church systems may suffer depression after a severe loss. Congregations also experience post traumatic syndrome (PTSD) after a conflict that leaves the church bruised and battered. Burt and Roper write, “There is a strong correlation with the grief process that Elisabeth Kubler-Ross identifies in five states: denial/isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.” As your Presbytery Leader, I have visited congregations struggling with loss of membership, program failures, blaming members and the pastor for their failures (or often the presbytery), and denial of their limitations.
As congregation leaders’  we are called to listen and encourage. We are challenged to help one another see the possibilities that are in each limitation. The role of the presbytery is to come along side each congregation and remind them they are not alone or adrift at sea. Each church is surrounded by the congregations in Giddings-Lovejoy as we bring support in prayer and appropriate resources.
A place to feel the presence of the presbytery is at the Presbytery Gathering, which will be Thursday April 27th at 1:00 at Lovejoy United Presbyterian Church in Wood River IL. The presbytery gathering is a time of fellowship, worship, and a bit of business too! It is a time we encourage one another and remind each other that our challenges are not unique or ignored.
Take the time to register for the gathering by using the link in this newsletter. I look forward to seeing you there and sharing a smile, handshake, and the peace of Christ.
Rev. Craig M. Howard
To register for the April 27, 2017 Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy, please click on this link.

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