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Rev. Joy Myers, Stated Clerk
of the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy

Way to go Clerks of Session!!!

We have the highest participation in the reporting of statistics since I have been Stated Clerk!

This is an annual task for those who accept the role of Clerk…keeping track of who was added or who died or transferred membership either in or out of the congregation, baptisms, Faith Formation activities (Sunday School).  This was an especially difficult task this year with the pandemic causing congregations to move to either mailed worship services or live stream or Zoom worship.  How do we figure worship attendance?  We don’t know how many were there when the service was viewed!


Here is a great Start of the Year Checklist…

  • Confirm/update the church’s authorized representative for the Board of Pensions…you will need to know the church’s PIN number and the amount of the last invoice in order to do this through Benefits Connect.
  • Complete and report the annual changes in the Terms of Call for your pastor(s)  This needs to be done for the Board of Pensions but also for the presbytery so 2 places to make the same changes.
  • By January 31 each year you will need to submit a W-2 to all employees (full time and part-time) to whom the church pays to do work (don’t forget to include the imputed income on the W-2) or complete a 1099 for those who are contract employees with a formal relationship.  Submit to the IRS.
  • Most of you have completed and submitted the annual statistical report and necrology report which go to the presbytery as well as the online statistical report for the Office of the General Assembly.
  • When you update the statistical report the number of members is used to calculate the per capita apportionment for the church.  You receive an accounting figure from the presbytery of what is owed for the full year.  For 2021 the membership number from 2019 was used to calculate the amount.  This year Presbytery receives $20.15; Synod receives $2.90 and General Assembly $8.95 for a total of $32.00 per member.
  • The new IRS rate for business mileage for 2021 is $.56/mile.
  • Other items to note would be cleaning your church rolls to remove those who are no longer participating.  Always send them a letter asking if they wish to be removed before you actually remove them from the roll.
  • Update your Manual of Operations, your Bylaws, your Misconduct prevention policy, and the child/youth/vulnerable adult sexual abuse prevention policy (which is a General Assembly mandate).
  • Is there more than one person who knows the bank information, the post office box combination, or where the key is stored?

Keep up the great work…It is a pleasure to serve with you!

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Stated Clerk


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  • Posted March 2, 2021 5:29 pm
    Mark Trautwein

    Where can I find Benefits Connect? Thanks.

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