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Rev. Dr. Craig M. Howard
Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy Transitional Leader

I’m still receiving thank-you notes. Some are in the form of cards. Some are by email. Others come in envelopes. These are words of thanks and appreciation to Giddings-Lovejoy for hosting General Assembly. The notes are a reminder of the generosity and kindness in the hearts of Presbyterians. The many acts of kindness are directed toward the entire presbytery. We did it, and we did it together!
This issue of the newsletter is focused on the events of General Assembly. Sometimes we forget to stop and inhale after expending a great amount of effort and energy. Sometimes we forget to celebrate a job well done. I have spent the past week meeting with presbytery staff and COLA staff debriefing the event. The debriefing was done with memories, meals, and music. We listened to testimonies, stories, and marveled at the flexibility of all involved. Giddings-Lovejoy showed the entire denomination what hospitality looks like.
Enjoy the photos and videos in this edition of the newsletter, found here. It is all about you. It is all about us. I pray we can ride the energy and connectionism created from our time together at GA into the future of the presbytery.
Rev. Craig M. Howard

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