Last week I wrote a blog about Southminster Presbyterian Church based on an article from the Washington Post. I was unaware that the article had significant factual errors. Repeating errors do not make them true, and I unintendedly did so.
The main correction is that the prayer vigil that was held at Southminster was not for any police officer. In fact, it was a prayer for peace; peace for Ferguson. The congregation was not siding with Darren Wilson. The concern about a riot was not because of the prayer vigil, but because the police officer’s home is across from the church, and the media and others were using the church’s parking lot for access. This put Southminster in the cross hairs of unwanted attention, and not because of the prayer for peace that was happening inside of Southminster.
Hopefully this correction can make it into the history of this event, and at least set this story straight.
The Washington Post article was written August 17, 2014 and you can read it here:

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  • Posted May 8, 2018 4:53 pm
    Abbey Jane Croissant

    Thank you for bringing the issue to the fore along with your honesty and integrity.

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