A Summertime Prayer

Wow, is it really summer already??? The staff has been hard at work these last several months in overhauling our financial accounting systems, streamlining the operations of our teams and committees, and resourcing our pastors and ministries in challenges both unique and shared. We are excited about hosting another dynamic September education month, as well as our years long-awaited picnic event at the end of the summer! We have some amazing projects coming together beautifully at the hands of our dedicated teams, and the Search Team for the Stated Clerk is being ever so faithful to their charge. Everything we do flows from prayer, flows from the assurance that God is moving with us in this particular time and this particular place. I am so very grateful for all of you and for this community of ministry we share.

It has become my practice as a pastor to try to coordinate my clergy renewal leave in such a way that it least disrupts the working life of the community, which typically has placed that steadier time in July. That practice has continued as mid-council leader, so I’ll be taking my vacation time the same time as many of our pastors. For the first three weeks of July, I am hoping to continue and strengthen my self-care practices of spiritual direction, study, and prayer, but also add more intentional space for family time, play, and rest. At least four of those may or may not involve an above ground pool.

But above all prayer. I hope you will join me in a summer of prayer, a summer to breathe, to behold, to find words, to affirm presence, to reconnect with self and God.

May all that we do and all that we are flow from prayer,  with or without words, connecting mind, body, and heart, connecting you, me, and the divine.

Because I know several others of you are taking vacation time for rest or adventure this month, or even to just enjoy the summer, I offer this prayer, ESPECIALLY for you who may be weary or seeking renewal. (Clears throat, then speaking in an overly serious tone…)

The Lord’s Prayer (For Clergy Renewal Leave)

Our Father,
who art in heaven,
Hallowed by thy Name,
Thy kingdom come,
all deadlines done

On earth, as it is in committee.
Give us this day our daily snooze alarm buttons
And forgive us our missed emails
As we forgive those
who never replied back to us.

And lead us not into exhaustion,
But deliver us from sun poisoning.
For thine is the kingdom,
And the calendar,
And the glory
of that sweet holy sacred rest

Forever and ever or at least until August.


In summer prayer with you and for you,


Presbytery Leader, Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy

Rev. Ryan Landino will be on clergy renewal leave from July 3 until July 24th. Our staff will tag-team together to make sure that your resourcing needs can be met in this time. 

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