Craig in AlaskaRev. Dr. Craig M Howard
Presbytery Leader

Moses told this (message of God’s deliverance) to the Israelites. But they didn’t listen to Moses, because of their complete exhaustion and their hard labor. Exodus 6:9 CEB
It happened again. I’m somewhere in hour number 4 of Zoom meetings. My eyes are aching. A slight headache is forming. I have three screens in front of me. On one are the faces of the people on the Zoom call. On the other I’m searching the internet regarding a question in the meeting. On the third I’m writing an email to request an action from the meeting. It feels like I’m working a triple shift simultaneously. I stop multitasking and only focus on the meeting and its conversation. I feel my thoughts become thick as molasses. I’m listening but I’m not hearing. Now I’m taking notes feverishly because something is being said that I must remember later, but my brain is a sieve leaking thoughts like water. At the end of the day, I drive home and find myself closing my eyes at red traffic lights. I arrive home, sit on the sofa, and within minutes I’m asleep.
I’ve described a day in my work life during COVID. Many are having the same experience, but they are working from home with children demanding attention and other constant interruptions. It seems like meetings are more contentious because there is always someone in the meeting who is uptight and on edge. Oh, and Sunday is coming with all of the needed liturgies and sermon. Everyone has anxiety and frustration. We’re all in the pandemic together.
Pastors and leaders come away and rest. Shut it down. Turn it off. Get away. The pastors retreat on October 23 and 24th provides a space for you to step back and catch your breath. We all need it. You can do it at home or away. You will have the opportunity to participate in activities, spiritual direction, and prayer. You don’t have to do anything but rest. We will cover the cost of lodging and provide funds to go toward meals and travel cost. All you have to do is show up and step away from your work. All you have to do is stop.
To register please click this link. The registration deadline is the end of the day Monday, October 12. The entire event is online. I look forward to sharing time with you during the upcoming pastors retreat.
Rev. Craig M. Howard

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  • Posted October 9, 2020 8:25 pm
    Julie Berger

    Can someone kindly send a confirmation of registrations received? I believe I registered for the retreat but havent seen anything indicating “you’re good to go.” Look forward to it. Thanks, Julie Allen Berger

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