Dear Friends in Christ,
Since our last Presbytery Gathering in November, the Transition Team has been at work incorporating suggestions and addressing questions raised about the New Plan for Organization of our Mission together as Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery. Thought, discernment, trust in God’s guiding Spirit, and your questions have informed our work together. This is an unfolding journey as we seek to create an organizational plan that will enable us to build our capacities to nurture dynamic leaders and vibrant congregations.
        Those who follow Jesus embody fluidity, adaptation, and collaboration….
        If there’s one quality that matters most to the fate of the church in the
         twenty-first century, it’s adaptability….    The Monkey and the Fish by Dave Gibbons
Please follow this link to access the plan and descriptive materials on that site’s blog. Updates will be posted there as well. We have blog entries also that chronicle the entire process we have been through as we have gathered detailed feedback and incorporated these ideas into the design. Your further feedback and questions can be added as comments on that site. You are also welcome to email the Transition Team Moderator Rob Dyer at
Yours in Service to Christ,
Anita Hendrix
The Rev. Anita Hendrix, D.Min.
Presbytery Leader
Office: 314-772-2395×110
Mobile: 909-543-939

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