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Rev. Dr. Craig M. Howard
Presbytery Leader

On this second week of Easter, we are still living in the shadow of the resurrection. This is a time of hope and possibility. Spring is happening with rains, sunshine, flowers, and a greening of the area. In this context the West Administrative Commission (AC) is completing its work. One of the final steps is the Legacy Investment. Simply put, when a congregation in the presbytery comes to the end of its life, up to 50% of the net sale of the property can be reinvested in the community in which the congregation resides. Legacy investment is an opportunity for a congregation to experience resurrection by helping other missions do the work of ministry in the community.
One of the organizations West church is donating a Legacy Investment gift to is the Mathews-Dickey Boys and Girls Club summer youth program. This program keeps young people off of the streets while teaching them arts, good healthcare, music, and recreation. The program was struggling financially this year. When I called with the gift from West church, the phone line was filled with exclamations of joy! It was a moment of happiness and resurrection. Mission and ministry in the community will continue for these youth through the gift of West church.
Jerimiah wrote to the people in Babylonian exile to seek the peace of the city where they lived, “For in its peace, you will find your peace (Jer. 29:7).” A church is only as strong as the community that surrounds it. When our congregations are a part of local programs for youth, learning, feeding, etc. (the kinds of things we will be discussing at Saturday’s Presbytery Gathering) they are bringing wholeness and peace to the community. And I believe the community will respond with gratitude, thanks, and support.
For West, this means investing $70,000 in mission and ministry that is happening in the western edge of St. Louis, north of Delmar. The AC identified four programs to receive the funds. The list follows. Each organization is committed to a reciprocal relationship because true ministry is a gift exchange. They are looking forward to meeting members of Giddings-Lovejoy who desire to volunteer in their organizations. They will also attend our presbytery gatherings, keeping us informed and showing gratitude for our gifts. Thanks Be to God!
Rev. Craig M. Howard

Organization Purpose Yearly Amount Total Years Total Gift
Mathews-Dickey Boys and Girls Club Summer Youth Camp $5,000 4 $20,000
Mathews-Dickey Boys and Girls Club Youth College Scholarships $5,000  4 $20,000
St. Louis MetroMarket Bus Access to healthy affordable food $5,000 3 $15,000
Monsanto Family YMCA Youth Swimming Classes $5,000 3 $15,000
Total       $70,000


  • Posted April 30, 2019 5:33 pm
    Steve Collier

    It’s good to see the presbytery continue to invest in the folks in that community. God move! Demonstrating God’s love for all as disciples for Christ. If your goal is to change the world, what better way to begin than to help your neighbor in need!

  • Posted May 1, 2019 8:12 am
    Ann Johnson

    In years past West has been a positive influence in the lives of many youth who have grown up to be successful adults, including my daughter. I am proud this legacy will continue.

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