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Rev. Carol DeVaughan
Co-Moderator of the Committee on Local Arrangements (COLA)

In case you aren’t aware – the General Assembly of PCUSA meets in St. Louis in about 10 days. I really hope this is not news to any of you, because you, as members of the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy are part of the hosts for this gathering. For more than two years those of us who are part of the planning team have been working on the myriad details of our hosting responsibilities.
We have planned for welcoming folks from around the world, at the airport and hotels, and the corridors of the Convention Center. We have planned tours to various points of interest in our region. We have asked local congregations to welcome and feed Assembly attendees at their congregational worship on June 17. We have designed apparel for volunteers to wear, and gifts to be given to visitors. So many people wanted to be part of the choir for the opening worship, we had to start a waiting list. There are new web and Facebook pages; social media entries, a video and other publicity materials. We’ve planned a “hands-on mission” project and area for everyone to feel they are contributing to helping the STL region. So much! So many people already involved! And we still need more volunteers.
Why should you care, or offer your time and talents and treasure to support the meeting of the General Assembly? Well, the short answer is because we are GA. Just as I often said during my year as Presbytery Moderator, “We are the Presbytery.” We Presbyterians are connectional. We believe that through Christ we are all part of one another. And this concept is the theme of this Assembly “Kindom Building.” You and I are “kin;” all God’s children are “kin.” As kin we care about and for one another, especially those for whom life is a struggle, those for whom injustice is a daily fact of life, those who cry out to God and therefore to us for help.
Being part of our larger church is both a privilege and a part of who we already are. So I hope to see all of you during this General Assembly. It is a joy to witness the church at work in such a special way, an opportunity that will not be closer or easier for years to come.
Rev. Carol DeVaughan, HR
Co-Moderator, Committee on Local Arrangements


  • Posted June 5, 2018 7:14 pm
    Paul Reiter, HR

    Carol – Thank you so much for all the effort you and the local arrangements committee have been making for this special time in the life of the presbytery. I regret that my move to Florida last Fall and family commitments will keep me from attending! It is always so special to be at a GA! Thank you all of the Giddings-Lovejoy family that is going to make this event great! I will miss you !

  • Posted June 6, 2018 2:32 pm
    Vicki Carmichael

    Why I volunteer at GA:
    I get to MAKE MUSIC with 250 of my closest friends! 🙂

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