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Rev. Dr. Craig M. Howard
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I was raised in a cozy brick house on a corner lot in an African American middle-class suburb of Chicago. You know that house where all the kids hang out? That was my house! Although the house wasn’t very large, there was a constant parade of people in and out. My friends, along with those of my brothers and sister were always welcome. Also, my parents hosted small meetings of adults strategizing about schools, gangs, and racial tensions in our area.

The future of the Presbytery and the Presbyterian church will depend upon our connecting to the local communities we inhabit. It is important that the people inside of our building reflect the population in the surrounding neighborhood. The community must feel as though the Presbyterian church is their church, an asset in the community where they can hang out.

This is why we are practicing another Neighborhood Exegesis at the upcoming presbytery gathering. We will have a pre-session that will involve learning and exploring the neighborhoods of Belleville IL. The Neighborhood Exegesis is the same process we did last year in Edwardsville. We will gather at Westminster Presbyterian church at 10 am. Westminster will share some exciting ministries they are doing and provide a preview of the neighborhoods we will be exploring. After their presentations, we will hit the streets! We will be provided maps that have been put together by the planning teams of Westminster and First United. We will explore the diversity of the community called Belleville. Hopefully this will include conversations with people we encounter on the street, in the shops, and coffee houses. The groups will eat at local restaurants. This will provide a chance to debrief the experience before heading back to church. Finally, the Neighborhood Exegesis experience will be part of Kathryn Threadgill’s plenary session.

I strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of this learning opportunity. Many of our congregations have completed the neighborhood exegesis since last August. It is an experience that is worth the walking! Registration can be found here.

Rev. Craig M. Howard




  • Posted August 14, 2019 10:44 am
    Charles Pfeifer

    Keep up the good work.

  • Posted August 15, 2019 9:01 am
    Carleton Stock

    Thanks for doing these Exegesis Walks! They are indeed a mainstay of our congregational ministries!

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