April 13th Presbytery Gathering Site Change of Plans! (New Location)

Hello friends!

At our last presbytery it was announced that our next presbytery gathering was going to be hosted at a location called the Delmar DivINe, which was met with an understandable chorus of “huh, what’s that?” After we got everyone’s attention so dramatically, unfortunately, our reservation at the Delmar DivINe location for our April 13th presbytery Gathering was double booked, so the location will be changing. We will be updating you soon on our new location!

This is what our room was going to look like:


This is what our mistakenly booked room was going to look like:



Therefore, we will be announcing ASAP the location as soon as it is confirmed, which hopes we can revisit this location another time,

Meanwhile, what actually IS the Delmar DivINe site?

In short: before the 1980’s it was the location of the old St. Luke’s Hospital building, before St. Lukes Hospital moved to West St. Louis County.  Those who were concerned that the healthcare needs of the city were being abandoned joined together in one of the most inspiring acts of mission and partnerships that I’ve seen in this presbytery: the Episcopal Church, we Presbyterians, and St. Lukes themselves partnered with members of the Delmar Blvd. community to sell the building in a way that dedicated the funds specifically to serve the underprivileged of the city, the original people St. Lukes was called the serve, through the oversight of non-profit grants intended to improve health care. That effort would become “the Episcopal-Presbyterian Charitable Health & Medical Trust, established in 1985 as part of a redesigned partnership between St. Luke’s Hospital, the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri, and the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy. The trust had an initial investment of $8.5 million and a stated purpose of continuing the health care ministry to the underserved started so long ago.” We actively continue this work today. (As presbytery leader I am proud to serve as chair of this board, serving alongside our Stated Clerk as your Presbytery representatives!)

Furthermore, in transforming the physical site, they engaged the community members themselves and asked “What do you need?” and the community answered very clearly: among those needs named were that they had no pharmacy and no bank. In response to the needs of the community, the Delmar DivINe location installed computer labs for a community center, units for community residences, and offices for social services so they are gathered collaboratively under one room, including a shared space of 33 nonprofits, conference rooms, meeting spaces, a podcast studio, a fitness center, and an auditorium. In reframing the reality of the “Delmar Divide” (the history Black/White dividing line in St. Louis) into a new community, the Delmar DivINe vision for a community was born.

The model of the Delmar DivINe is one that all churches can learn from.

Current tenants include: Asthma & Allergy Foundation, Behavioral Health Response, Berges Family Foundation, BJC Career Connection Center, BJC/Raising St. Louis, Bridge 2 Hope, City Hope St. Louis, The Clark-Fox Family Foundation, Deli Divine, Edward Jones, EMD Consulting, Eye Thrive, Generate Health, Girls in the Know, GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness, Health Literacy Media, HOMEWORKS! The Teacher Home Visit Program, IFF, iFM Community Medicine, KIPP St. Louis, Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri, Mid-America Transplant Foundation, Mound City Bar Foundation, Navigate STL Schools, Power4STL, Seed St. Louis, The Opportunity Trust, The Sophia Project, The SoulFisher Ministries, St. Louis Arc, St. Louis Community Credit Union, Strategic Community Partners, Teach For America, Turn the Page STL, UMSL, United 4 Children, Washington University in St. Louis / Brown School, Your Philanthropy

Regardless of our host sight on April 13th, we will be highlighting the work and mission of our presbytery along this critical historic corridor. First, our preacher will be Rev. Mark Miller of Westminster Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, who has done over twenty years of ministry along Delmar Blvd. Second, we will be receiving a minute for mission on the Episcopal Presbyterian/St. Lukes partnership that is such an inspiring ecumenical and community partnership of our presbytery. Third, our keynote speaker Dr. Corey Schlosser-Hall from Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Director of Rebuilding and Vision Implementation will focus specifically on the transformational power of entering the intersections of ministry and community.

While some plans change, our main plan for an inspiring and impactful presbytery gathering remains the same!

Stay tuned for an announcement soon on our next location!



Rev. Ryan. J. Landino
Presbytery Leader
Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy



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