This is it. It’s the last time we’ll ask. Truly. We are only DAYS AWAY from the 2024 Association of Partners in Christian Education Annual Event at St. Louis Union Station, and we need your help. I don’t know how much more clearly to say this: We cannot do this without you.

1. We need people-power. Our hospitality team has put together a sign-up genius to make volunteering as easy as pie. If the timing of a shift doesn’t fully work for you, contact us. We have two volunteers who have offered themselves for our complete disposal next week. We may be able to plug one of them in to cover what you can’t do. Here is the link: . We could completely cover our shifts if we had one volunteer from every congregation in the presbytery. ONE! But hey … if you want to volunteer with a friend, feel free to bring a second member of your congregation with you!

2. We need donations. We have an Amazon Wish List with items needed to carry off this event. These are not optional. If we don’t get them donated, we will order them. But the budget only goes so far, and we have additional expenses that have to be covered as well. You can help by ordering from our Amazon Wish List and having the items shipped to Second Presbyterian Church c/o Rev. Pat Cleeland, 4501 Westminster Pl., St. Louis, MO 63108. Then, please forward your confirmation email to me at, so I can adjust the number of items needed for those who come after you. There are items on this list from $8.72 to $45.98. These are not high dollar items, but we do need several of some of them. We can do this if we all pull together! Here is the link to our Amazon Wish List:

3. Please say a prayer for things to go smoothly January 21st through the 28th. Janet Riley (tours), Ramona Williams and Natasha Barsh (hospitality), Kalyn Stevwing (ballroom hospitality), Carla Rowelett (admin. asst.), Pat Cleeland and I (Local Committee Co-Chairs) have been working very hard for the last year and a half in correlation with the APCE Annual Event Team and Event Co-Chairs, Michelle Phillips and Rev. Jon Brown to plan this event for volunteers and professionals in Christian Education. We need your prayer support through the week … for favorable weather … for safety … for volunteers … for donations … for participants to have an experience of connection, enrichment, empowerment, and sustenance … for preachers to preach the Word to all who come thirsty (our opening night preacher is Rev. Cedric Portis!) … for musicians and conference artists, spirituality center director, and our keynote speaker, Mark Yaconelli, to interpret the scriptures through various mediums in a way that quenches the thirst of everyone in attendance. Think of every church educator who has ever inspired you on your faith journey. Do this for them. Thank you.


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