Blog Post by Rev. Dr. Kerry Allison
Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Ferguson

It is said that Sir Paul MaCartney, bass guitarist and singer for the Beatles, was going through an extremely difficult time in the 1960’s. The Beatles were on the verge of breaking up.  He was agitated, “living hard and playing hard,” as he put it.  One-night MaCartney went to bed after an exhausting day.  It was between deep sleep and not being to sleep that he had a dream about his mother.  During the dream his mother said to him very gently, “Let it be.”  After the dream, he had to a great feeling.  MacCartney went to the piano and started writing a song, which he titled “Let It Be.” Later he played the song for the band.  The song become a hit.  The power of his mother’s words inspired him in a much-needed time.

As the church, we are people of the Word and words.  John says, “in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The book of Proverbs says, “speak words for those who cannot speak for themselves…” The Word and words are powerful.   Words like love, grace, salvation, life, blessings, liberation, justice, mercy, and forgiveness are part of the vernacular of the church.  We identify with the Word who brings words of joy, peace, and kindness. We, the church, are encouraged by the Word to live out action words like hope, faith, and love.  We are also called to be descriptive in our expression of faith with words like holiness, righteousness, and goodness.  Words are such an integral part of the church’s ministry in society. They provide encouragement, healing, strength, comfort, promise, peace, paths of growth, and ways of betterment. I pray that we the people of words and the Word will fully understand the power of words.

Rev. Dr. Kerry Allison
First Presbyterian Church of Ferguson


  • Posted August 10, 2022 8:54 am
    Paula Bujewski

    Hi Kerry,
    I appreciate your emphasis on how powerful and life-changing our words can be to others and how powerful The Word is at all times in our lives. In times of consternation, I use many of the words you wrote to remind myself that tomorrow will be better. They are also comfort to others going through challenges in their lives. In addition, the words, “Let it Be”, are very profound if you allow them to seep into you. There are so many things in life we are unable to control. “Let it Be” is a wonderful mantra to set those worries free. Thank you for your “words” and “The Word” that you always enthusiastically share with others!

    Paula Bujewski

  • Posted August 10, 2022 3:49 pm
    Therese Bright

    Thank you Rev. Dr..kerry for putting together these together. Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest is Love. “Let It Be” what a subtle way to let God handle our challenges.
    Thanks your Rev. Dr.Kerry

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