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by Julie Gvillo, Commissioned Pastor
A Place of Grace

One of my favorite things about the Glory to God hymnal is the lectionary index in the back of Volume II. I refer to it every single week as I work with scriptures, not just to plan worship when preparing for pulpit supply, but also for spiritual practice. Music has always been an avenue for me to hear God, articulate faith, and explore theology. In fact, when I interviewed with the Committee on Preparation for Ministry prior to appearing before the Presbytery, I distinctly remember Rev. Carol DeVaughan asking me to name my favorite part of worship. My answer: The hymns, because in those moments, I can truly let go and worship. Ironically, thirteen years later, I had the opportunity to turn the tables in a Children’s Time moment during worship where I introduced her to our little people, and her answer was the same as mine had been all those years ago. Music is a common and communal language.

It won’t be a surprise, then, that somewhere along the way it occurred to me that my daily office could be enriched by the hymns that reinforce the lectionary scriptures for the week. I invested in a set of Glory to God accompaniment hymnals when they were published because I play the piano, but one need not have the hymnals themselves to enjoy the hymns as part of one’s regular quiet time. Creating a playlist of hymns on a streaming music app or YouTube channel to play throughout the week offers an opportunity for immersion in those hymns and in the theology that undergirds our faith. You can search the lectionary scriptures from on to find a list of hymns that correlate.

My Lent 5B playlist includes the following:

  •               GTG 833             O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go
  •               GTG 692              Spirit, Open My Heart
  •               GTG  69               I, the Lord of Sea and Sky (Here I Am)
  •               GTG 423              Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God
  •               GTG   3                Womb of Life and Source of Being
  •               GTG 223              When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
  •               GTG 725              O Jesus I Have Promised
  •               GTG 767              Together We Serve

Imagine plugging in your earbuds to listen to hymns that coincide with the lectionary as you take your dog for a walk or playing them over the speaker in your car on the way to or from work or while you meditate on your mat in the early morning. Maybe a weekly playlist is a challenge because of time. A friend of mine recently shared his Lenten Playlist with me. Seasonal playlists create soundtracks for the liturgical calendar, keeping the rhythm of the church year as it transitions from one movement to the next. Regardless of how you approach your own lectionary hymns playlist, may you be inspired by the saints who have shared their musical gifts for God’s glory!

Julie Gvillo, Commissioned Pastor
A Place of Grace



  • Posted March 16, 2021 5:02 pm
    Barbara Willock

    Fascinating, Julie. I read your post immediately after playing through all the hymns Glory to God suggests for Easter 4B. Playing and commenting on the hymns has become part of my weekly practice as well. One that feeds my spirit and weekly reminds me what a tremendous resource we have been given in Glory to God.

    Thank you for sharing your insights.



    • Posted March 20, 2021 12:11 pm
      Julie Gvillo

      We’re kindred spirits! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting, Barbara!

      Grace and peace,

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