“God, be merciful to me, a sinner!” — Luke 18:13

The Covenant of Prayer 

The Presbytery will be praying each week for our churches throughout the year. Praying for one another is a way to show that God’s love extends to each and every one of us, and by doing so we demonstrate that we are a community of people who genuinely care for one another.

Each congregation is an important part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and we pray that God’s blessings be with all of them this day and every day.

Share your joys and concerns with the Presbytery by emailing your request to  communication@glpby.org 

For those under treatment for various health concerns:
  • Our world, as we battle Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    • Children and Adults returning to school (digitally and in person)
    • Our churches who are meeting digitally
    • All medical personnel who are battling to save lives
    • All essential workers who are keeping us safe, supplying our needs
    • Children in foster care, waiting through court closures (due to COVID-19) to return to their natural parents.
    • Children who are vulnerable to a parent’s stress in these difficult days of quarantine.
  • Rev. Richard Hause and family in the passing of his beloved wife, Barbara.
  • The family of Rev. Robert Rogers, in his passing
  • Rev. Thirza Sayers and the community of Light for the Darkness in the passing of Mr. TRex, Ministry Therapy Dog.
  • Rev. Belden Lane and family in the loss of his son, Jon Lane, to cancer.
  • Rev Keith Michaels, the husband of Rev Vicky Michaels, who is recovering from lung cancer surgery and numerous complications
  • Rev. Hausers, they have welcomed a baby girl, Gabriella Hope Hauser.
  • Rev. Kathleen Henrion and family, as her father just received a heart transplant.
  • Chris Wittman, son of Debbie and the Rev. John Higgins, who is recovering from surgery
  • Claire Calvin is 6 years old and was diagnosed with DIPG which is a type of brain tumor at the brain stem on 5/28/20. There is also an additional mass on her spine.
  • Lucas Hudson, son of Annette Hudson, member at Cote Brilliante PC.  Lucas is a police officer in the St. Louis City Police Department.
  • Rev. Dr. Johanna McCune Wagner, former Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian – University City, and her spouse, Michael Coyle.  Johanna has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, for which she will have surgery and chemotherapy.
  • Bridget Samuels for various health concerns
  • Rev. Tom Bass, taking treatments for cancer
  • Wally Diboll, Westminster, as he was diagnosed with Lymphoma and undergoes treatments.
  • Rev. Bart Brenner, HR, as he deals with his treatments for prostate cancer.
Prayers also for:
  • For the Presbytery as we answer the call to become Matthew 25
  • For church members of any congregation who are struggling in their journey of faith, both individually and corporately.
  • For all the men and women serving in our military.
  • For newly ordained and/or installed, as they begin to lead churches.
  • Prayers for Projects of the Presbytery:
    • Light for Darkness and Rev. Thirza Sayers, the mental health ministry of the Presbytery.
    • UKirk Campus Ministry and Rev. Max Hill, in his new home and ministry within Giddings-Lovejoy.
    • A Place of Grace and Pastor Julie Gvillo – a ministry of transformative wonder-filled healing
    • Our Partners in Plan Grande #2 Nicaragua:  pray for our partner community of Plan Grande #2 in Nicaragua and for CEPAD as they work to try and provide health and sanitation information and products to rural Nicaraguans.  Not only do they worry and have to deal with COVID-19, but they are also dependent on their bean, corn, and coffee harvests for food and income.
    • For Peace in North Korea, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and around the globe.
    • For an end to the raging fires in Australia
    • For Safety and Healing for Puerto Rico from multiple earthquakes
Prayers in thanksgiving for their energy, strength, and peace
  • For all of the servant ministries of our congregations
  • For all those who fight on the front line for social justice and peace.
  • For all of those in Presbyterian Disaster Assistance who work to help those impacted by hurricanes, floods, mud slides, tornadoes and drought.