Rev. Joy Myers, Stated Clerk


The Rev. Joy Myers serves as Stated Clerk of the presbytery. The Stated Clerk is elected by the presbytery to three-year, renewable terms. 

  • Joy serves the presbytery on a part-time basis and is normally in the presbytery office on Mondays and Thursdays from 12:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Phone her office at 314.772.2395 
  • E-mail Joy by clicking here.


  • Of/Or pertaining to a church;
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The Stated Clerk conducts reviews of session minutes annually and is a polity resource to Clerks and Moderators of Sessions and the programmatic committees and teams of presbytery.

The duties of the Stated Clerk include: supporting and interpreting the church’s Constitution and the Manual of Operations and policies of presbytery; organizing and managing meetings of the presbytery; publishing the minutes and policies of presbytery; collecting annual membership statistics; reviewing the minutes of sessions annually; assisting the Moderator and Vice-Moderator of presbytery; communicating through various media with our constituents; supporting the administrative commissions of presbytery; coordinating the ecclesiastical work of the presbytery between meetings; preserving the archives of minutes and records; providing support and training to clerks and moderators of sessions; and ensuring fair and effective representation on presbytery committees and agencies.

Session Records Review

Annual reviews of congregations’ minutes, rolls and registers are required by the Book of Order and are conducted by the Stated Clerk. The schedule for Session Records Review and the review worksheets are located on the Records Review page of this site.

Sessions Record Review

Annual Reporting

On behalf of the General Assembly and some presbytery entities, the Stated Clerk collects statistical information from all congregations annually. The Annual Reporting page of this site provides help with the process. Statistical reporting begins on January 1st and is based on the congregation’s December 31st membership. Statistical reports are approved by the Session.

Annual Reporting Page

Report changes in ministers’ terms of call directly to the Board of Pensions anytime by logging into Benefits Connect.

Terms of Call reporting

Presbytery Meetings & Minutes

Dockets and supporting papers for upcoming meetings of presbytery are located on the Presbytery Meetings page of this site.

The minutes of previous meetings since 2001 are posted in the Minutes Archives.

Resources for the Clerk

Document Title Download
Baptism Certificate Word Document
Confirmation Certificate Word Document
Adult Baptism Certificate Word Document
Membership Certificate Word Document
Request of Transfer of Membership Word Document
Certificate of Reception of Membership Word Document
Ruling Elder Ordination Certificate Word Document
Ruling Elder Installation Certificate Word Document
Deacon Ordination Certificate Word Document
Deacon Installation Certificate Word Document