Open Meeting Policy
The Work Of The Church Is Strengthened When It Is Done In A Spirit Of Openness And Trust
The Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy Holds Four Stated Meetings Per Year.

There are occasions that will require a Called Presbytery Gathering, but those are rare and for designated purposes.

When the presbytery meets, its voting members include:

  • all ministers of the Word and Sacrament who are members of the presbytery
  • all elders commissioned by their sessions to attend that meeting
  • any elder elected moderator of the presbytery for the duration of his or her term.

Of course, all are welcome to attend and have a voice, even if not commissioned to a voting role.

Presbytery Gathering
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Featuring Rev. Marthame Sanders

Rev. Marthame Sanders is an Atlanta-based podcaster, producer, musician, improviser, and consultant. A graduate of Yale University and the University of Chicago, Marthame has served in ministry as international mission staff, youth director, and solo pastor.

The meeting will be on Zoom, and all Members are Welcome!
8:15 am Fellowship Rooms Open | 9 am Meeting Begins in Worship
We anticipate ending by 12:15 pm


Virtual Communion We will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper together during the worship portion of our gathering, which begins at 9 am. Please arrange to have bread and juice/wine available so you may celebrate fully with us.


Upcoming Presbytery Gatherings

Please save the date and locations of the upcoming Presbytery Gatherings.

2021Sat., Apr. 24Zoom
2021Thurs., Aug. 26To Be Determined
2021Sat., Nov. 6To Be Determined
2022Thurs., Feb. 3To Be Determined
2022Sat., Apr. 14To Be Determined
2022Thur., Aug. 25To Be Determined
2022Sat., Nov. 5To Be Determined
2023Thurs., Feb. 2To Be Determined
2023Sat., Apr. 29To Be Determined
2023Thurs., Aug. 24To Be Determined
2023Sat., Nov. 4To Be Determined