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Ruling Elder Donna Cook

Voting is one of our most important rights, duties, and responsibilities of citizenship.
Every election matters.

The 2022 Midterm election is almost here. The deadline to register in Missouri is fast approaching. Check your voter registration today to make sure your address is correct or that you are indeed a registered voter

> You can register on line here if you are using a tablet, mobile devise or other touch screen devise. Register by October 12, 2022 –

> You can print and mail your application by downloading the form from this link. It must be postmarked by October 12, 2022. Select our county to find the mailing address. You may also register in person at your local election authority. You can find their address at this link as well.

Illinois residents have same day voter registration. 

The people elected to office at all levels of government impact all of our lives, everyday. Take control and register, vote, and participate in the process.As people of faith, together, we can bring about change in our communities. We can protect our families and neighbors, and preserve our freedoms, our access to health care and quality education and so much more.

Let us pray.
Under your law we live great God,
And by your will we govern ourselves.
Help us as good citizens
To respect neighbors whose views differ from ours.,
So that without partisan anger,
We may work out issues that divide us,
And elect candidates to serve the common good;
Through Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen


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  • Posted October 4, 2022 7:02 pm
    Carleton Stock

    Thanks Donna for your timely reminder of the importance of voting and the need to make sure you are registered to vote. Elections these days are more important than ever!

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