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Rev. Dr. Craig M. Howard
Presbytery Leader

On Saturday I drove back from a synod meeting in Kansas City along with a synod commissioner. We talked about retirement. He shared how he is learning that retirement is about having a routine. He then named 5 daily habits he practices which cover physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and relational well-being. I asked for examples of each of these. Of course, he talked about daily Bible reading and prayer, physical exercise and journaling. He then surprised me by saying that each day, he does something to show his wife that he loves her. I thought, “Do I show Marilyn that I love her on a daily basis?” (Please don’t ask her!!) Sometimes love means acting in intentional and consistent ways.

As your presbytery leader I want the entire presbytery to feel like they are important, cared and prayed for. The staff continues to come up with creative ways to demonstrate the significance of every church, pastor, and member. The In Your Neighborhood program comes from our heart of compassion as a way to show how important everyone in the presbytery is.

This past Wednesday and Thursday the presbytery office set up camp in Sullivan, Missouri. Over the next two days we met with over 35 people in meals, fellowship, and business. It was great to see people from different churches fellowshipping with one another at meals. Pastors and leaders felt welcomed as the restaurants filled with laughter and conversation. They were attentive as we shared dates for upcoming presbytery events and appreciation for their presence. They also shared with the presbytery and with one another upcoming significant events in each church, and a commitment to support one another. I also met with leadership from Mound Ridge. Our honest and difficult conversation was followed with pizza and well- wishes.

This is what it means to be Presbyterian and a presbytery: sharing our joys and concerns while seeking and discovering ways to show that we love one another. It takes an intentional effort to be a connected church. Love with intention can cover a multitude of faults and create an atmosphere of grace.

Rev. Craig M. Howard

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